Helping other Small Business

Apr 28 , 2020

Advancify Collaborator

Helping other Small Business

We all know these times are trying for everyone. We are all asking 'what's next?' we know that small businesses like ours are struggling. We are here to help support other small businesses, many of whom, are our friends.

You may be wondering, What can we do for ourselves? What can we do to help these other local small businesses? Our friends? Everything is changing by the day, there is no more 'normal', you may ask how can we help? 

We, at Embroidery Creations are here to assist our community and to help bring money to your business and our friends to pay bills, employees and help with your future business.

How, you ask? We will set you up on our fundraising website, help you promote the sale of the shirts and write you a check each week for the profit of shirt sales. For each shirt that sells you will get $10.

If you don't have a logo, don't worry! We are here to help come up with something for you or something different, no charge.  We are here to help, we area a small business too, we know how you feel!

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