We are stronger, together.

Apr 22 , 2020

Advancify Collaborator

We are stronger, together.

Now is the time to show support for each other. We all have learned a new skill in social distancing, but that is what is going to make us stronger. Staying apart is hard, we have to miss special moments, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, kids are missing school and friends. I don't know about you, but I know myself and my girls are missing lots of friends and family. Our attempt at being stronger together has been having my girls write to friends and family, the 'old school' way. Then, for Easter we decided to deliver cookies to friends and family....don't worry, we social distanced with all of them! Boy, was it great to see people face to face and everyone was happy to see us and get a treat. These are our ways of working to be stronger, together. 

We at Embroidery Creations are still here. When I saw we, I mean, myself, Kimberlee. I wish it could be 'we' with my employees, Beth, Diana and Rebeca. I, like many other small businesses had to temporarily lay-off my employees, it is not fun but I was very honest with them. I was lucky enough to keep them for another week longer than most other small businesses because we had such a great start to our year. Being a newer business owner, all this is new to me and scary. When I say we are still here, I am still going to work everyday (shortened hours), answering phone calls (when they come in), answering emails, and doing what small amounts of work we have. (see I still say 'we' when its only me, but sometimes, my daughters come with me to get out of the house) I have been able to get caught up on a lot of things and the orders I do have are email and ship out. There have been a few customers that have come in and we keep our distance and wipe the counters and door handles down. 

I want to let everyone know:

WE, will be back together, WE will be here for you, WE are stronger, together.

Our effort to pay bills and help the community is selling shirts, we are giving $10 from each shirt sold to local food banks. You can click the link below and we print and ship your shirt, no contact needed!

We are stronger, together.

'WE' thank you and miss you!